LED Light Installation

LED Light Installation

5 Interesting Benefits of LED Lights


Everyone is talking about saving the planet and going green but what makes LED lighting options so great?

Plenty of things.

Here are the five biggest and, for those new to the lighting format, surprising benefits of these lights compared to regular light bulbs.

Remember to get a professional electrician to do your LED light installation.


LEDs Last a Long Time

These lights do not burn out like incandescents do. They dim over time. According to GE, these bulbs last up to 50,000 hours or more. A regular light bulb only lasts about 1000 hours.

Energy Efficient

This is one of the biggest benefits which will surprise you. They seem like they are fancy bulbs that create decorative lighting indoors or out or they power televisions making them seem high-tech and therefore expensive. The truth is that they use up about 50 percent less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They are highly cost-effective.


These bulbs do not get hot when they are on so they are safer to have around the house or around the workplace. They do not pose the same hazards to small children with curious hands as regular lights do. They do not contain the same elements as other lights do which can pose fire hazards, and they run cooler so they can be used indoors, outdoors, in freezer cases and more. They also do not emit harmful UVs.

LED Light Installation

They Resist Breakage

How many light bulbs have you dropped over the years? When ordinary bulbs break they shatter into dangerous slivers. LEDs are housed in quartz which makes them nearly impossible to break and makes them resist shaking or vibrations.

LEDs Have Great Colors

You can use them as decorative features in your home, in your retail operation, outdoors, in a vehicle, around a vehicle. The possibilities are virtually endless. They offer a wide array of color options which make them beautiful as well as practical.

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