The 5 Most Common Electrical Problems

The 5 Most Common Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems Around the Home are Rather Common.

Most people can change a light bulb or a plug but when it comes to other common electrical problems like power tripping and electrical surges it is better to call in a qualified electrician.

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Many men fancy themselves to be handy around the house, and I get that but when it comes to basic electrical troubleshooting I prefer to let my friendly electrician take over.

Besides dialectical installations are legislated so it’s required by law that a qualified electrician does the electrical work.

Plus if you are a homeowner and you eventually decide to sell your home you will need a legally required electrical certificate form an approved electrician in order for the sale to go through, so it’s best to do it right from the word go and not try to cut corners.

These common electrical problems at home are:

  1. Light bulbs are burning out frequently. This could be from more than just overuse. You may have a loose connection in the socket or circuit. Recessed lights that go out may do so because they’re too hot because of nearby insulation. If operating properly, recessed lights are designed to shut themselves off in those cases so as not to create a fire hazard.
  2. Lights flicker and dim. This could be a sign of a poor connection in your circuit and can lead to eventual arching.
  3. Plug points are dead. A poor connection could be the culprit again or a breaker may have tripped to prevent an excessive heat buildup that could result in the outlet wiring melting.
  4. Switches and equipment get warm. This is definitely a safety concern and one of the common electrical problems and should be addressed immediately.
  5. Circuit breakers trip. Usually a sign that a circuit is drawing too much electricity and you’re experiencing an overload. If this happens constantly, it is definitely a potential fire risk. You should add a circuit or even consider upgrading your electrical service.

Electrical problems in house is something that often goes ignored because we are afraid of the cost, this is not a good move because like everything there is deterioration that happens over time and you do not want some of the more severe accidents like electrocution of electrical fires that this deterioration can cause.

Play it safe, call Jon from Vickers Electrical.

So if you have any signs of electrical problems in home do contact Vickers Electrical on 0716754953 or 021 553 5317 for a free quotation.

You also want to make sure that your electronics are protected for power surges, with load shedding a possibility we need to consider, it is important to protect all our electronics from these surges because they can potentially cause a lot of damage.

I don’t know about you but just thinking about all that can go wrong with the electricity in my home makes me want to call an expert just for a check up, there is an old saying that says the longevity of anything is found in it’s maintenance.

You can use this link to access Cape Towns, Residential Electricity Services online  there is a lot of relevant information pertaining to electricity, pre-paid meters, load shedding and more for your convenience.

So if you are experiencing any of the common electrical problems or you just want to ensure everything is in good order give Vickers Electrical a call today.

Electrical problems can escalate fast and cause huge damage, rather be safe than sorry.